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Annuals Versus Perennials

October 16, 2010

A young woman very dear to me commited suicide this week.  I had just left a funeral, headed to my office when I got the first call about her.  I immediately called a mutual friend to verify what I had been told.  I knew before I made the call that the person who had informed me of her death was a very reliable person and was not one to spread malicious gossip but I desperately wanted to believe that he had somehow been fed an ugly rumor.

The mutual friend confirmed the horrific news.  Her voice was flat.  She too had been blindsided by this unimagineable event.  I could hear her struggling to keep her emotions in check, so I got off the phone with her as quickly as I could.

My mind went into overdrive.  I tried to remember the last communicaiton that I had with my friend.  Several weeks ago she asked me by email to be on lookout for some prospective job opportunities.  She professed a desire to return to work, after being out of the workforce for the past five years. 

Over the years, we shared a lot of information via email about jobs, current media topics and lighthearted topics.  Whenever I encountered her in a social situation, she was vibrant and always the life of the party.  She was the type of woman that made a room electric by her mere presence.  I cannot comprehend the forces that might lead such a person to take their own life.

About twenty-five years ago, a woman that I had known since high school hanged herself in the basement of her home.  Prior to her death, she was sullen and despondent.  All of us were shocked but in retrospect not surprised by her action.  When I attended her funeral, the minister, who had  known her since her childhood, compared her to an annual flower destined to be here for a season.

My friend that passed this week was a beautiful flower destined to blossom and be admired for a season.  I pray that she is now at peace,