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Americans In Wonderland

June 6, 2012

American voters have very short memories and tend to have an elitist attitude when it comes to most issues. Many believe that voting conservatively somehow aligns them to the rich and powerful. That just aint so! The vote in Wisconsin will impact negavitely on every Union movement in America. As unionized labor is dismantled, the whole country will suffer. One hundred years ago, Americans including children were paid slave wages. Fifty years before that, American Capitalist owned slaves! In the 21st Century we are moving backward instead of forward.

Pension funds are being elimated for people that work now. Pensioners are being taxed. 401 funds are being mismanaged by those responsible for their management and many sit calmly by because they don’t feel that it IMPACTS ON THEM! And wages are getting lower and lower. Most unemployed people over 50 will never get another job that pays a competitive wage.

One of my favorite musicians – Eugene McDaniels – once wrote: “Nobody knows who the enemy is cause he never goes in hiding. He’s slitting our throats right in front of our eves, while we pull the casket he’s riding!”

The rich and powerful only care about the rich and powerful! By the time the middle class wakes up, it will have been too late to do something about it!