The Rose Garden


I live in Detroit, Michigan.  I love my city.  I know many many good hard working people here and in the metro area that love this city and this region.  The straits of Detroit provide a pathway for commerce all over the northern hemisphere and open up to the greatest fresh water lakes in America.  A writer friend once wrote that Detroit was the original site of the Garden of Eden.  The older I get the more I believe that she may be on to something.   Detroit is great place to to live.

Detroit founded the French in 1701 is undergoing lots of changes in the twenty-first century.  In many ways the city is experiencing a rebirth.  My hope is that it is the beginning of the Detroit Renaissance.

We elected a new mayor this month.  The media has sensationalized the fact that Detroit’s new mayor is white even though he was the overwhelming choice of the 20%  of the population that decided to vote.

I know enough about politicians to know that the color of their skin is not a predictor of their future performance nor is it a determiner of their intelligence or acumen.  We can only wait and watch.  And some of us will continue to pray for the uplifting of our great city as this new mayor works to create harmony among businesses, civil servants, it;s citizens and suburban interest.

As a native Detroiter, I do know that how Detroit is viewed locally is about to change.  Former metro Detroit enemies will now be our allies.  The Michigan Legislature, which has tried to micro manage the affairs of Detroit for the past few decades, will relax that tight grip they’ve had legislatively and economically and let our city be more self determined.  And the rest of the state will no long be able to unfairly characterize our predominately black citizenry as racist because of the 55% that voted for a white man.  The media will now promote us as a city reborn because they won’t pick on the city as vehemently as they have during the last five administrations!

In the mean time, crime is high, most city streets are dark at night and there is so much blight that it’s hard to be optimistic about the election of one little man with big ideas.  But we remain.


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2 Responses to “The Rose Garden”

  1. Anthony Keitt Says:

    I hope for the best and will keep Detroit and her people in my prayers.

  2. pinkpressgreen Says:

    This is a nice article. Your sentiment for Detroit is felt in the article.

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