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Trump Card

November 13, 2017

A lot of men are in the news because of their indiscretions.  And what do they have in common?  They’re all powerful white men.  They’ve allowed their penises and their bloated egos to govern their actions and now it seems that bill is due!  They’re being publicly castigated for their actions.

Unfortunately, one of the best-known offenders has become an untouchable immovable force.  He is our Commander in Chief, the most powerful man on the planet.  And a lot of people are frustrated about that.  So, they’ve done the next best thing.


Payback Is A Dish Best Served Cold

On the surface, these daily revelations feel like backlash to me.  A year ago, we experienced electoral backlash – from 8 years of a Barack Obama presidency, from the so called ‘silent majority’ – that politicos are still trying to make sense of.  Today, that directed outrage is coming from women and men that have worked past their guilt and are angry about rich men who have taken advantage of their authority and made unwanted sexual advances on them.

Is it moral outrage that motivates these wounded souls to finally speak out or is it a primal reaction to that misogynistic miscreant that lives at on Pennsylvania Avenue in the District of Columbia?  And is it coincidence that these revelations come just weeks after the Women’s Convention held in downtown Detroit?

We men must rethink our positions.  After all, we are born and nurtured from women’s bodies.  We live on Mother Earth.  The womb not the penis is the universal symbol of life.

I’m not sure why we resist the obvious, but we do.  And in doing so we dishonor our mothers, our sisters and our daughters.