Walter O’Bryant

I’m a native Detroiter. I currently work and live in the city. I am an advocate for the disabled. I started writing as a teenager. Self expression has been an important part of my life for a long time. I have self published two books of poetry and I’m currently working on an erotic mystery novel. My favorite form of expression is letter writing. I’ve transposed that form of expression into blogging. This blog is my love letter to YOU!


2 Responses to “Walter O’Bryant”

  1. Gaila Turner Says:

    Thank you Mr. O’Bryant first for subscribing to my blog, but most importantly thank you for your voice. Reading your recent blog on being a civil servant touched me deeply because both of my parents were just that, servants to the citizens of Detroit, Michigan. My father retired from then DSR after 38 years, and my mother worked over 20 years for Northville State Hospital.

    To know there are those that remain in my hometown diligently advocating for the least of us is comforting. Please continue to be that voice for those that cannot speak.

    I so appreciate your “love letter” from home and will remain a fan. I will read your letters to my mother who is now 90 and remains very connected to Detroit, although several thousand miles away, she will enjoy the letters I know.

    Thank you again, G. Turner

    • Walter O'Bryant Says:

      I really appreciate your comments. Thank you very much.

      You probably don’t realize how much you influenced me at a very impressionable age. I am a friend of Karen Leroy. We (you, me, Karen, Darice and some of her other friends) were at Karen’s house one afternoon, in the summer of 1971, watching Ellis Hazlip’s “Soul” on channel 56. You all were oohing and ahhing naievely over those male dancers that were in abundance on his show. I was annoyed by it all. You looked at me and informed me as to why my dear friend was so enamored by those athletic men in tights! I’m glad I was sitting down! Your revelation provided me with Gestalt therapy. Your statement caused me to open my eyes to womanhood in a way that most men are never afforded an opportunity to appreciate!

      I always looked forward to you making an appearance whenever I was with Karen and her crew because you “kept it real”. When Karen told me that you too were a blogger, I became an immediate fan.

      I am honored that you like my piece on Service. I learned at an early age of its value and knowing how to serve has sustained me throughout my professional career.

      Those times in that little house on Hasse were especially significant because the moments we shared helped shape the man I have become. The life we had back in the day in the hood was a very special time for us.

      It’s great that we have reconnected again. Looking Forward.

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